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Becoming a Vagabjorn

VAGABJORN {Noun, masculine}:/ˈvaɡəbɪˈjɔːn/: A bear (bjørn) wandering without a home or a job. Without knowing it, I started my path towards a life as a vagabond already at the age of 16. I had moved to Austria for an exchange year and started feeling "rootless". It was the feeling of not belonging anywhere, which in turn led me to the feeling that I would be able to feel at home anywhere. Like a vagabjorn. Everyone have defining moments in their lives that have put them on the path that they are currently on. What most people have in common though, is that these defining moments most likely did not happen from watching "lassie" alone on the living room couch. After highschool I decided to...

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See the World by Road Tripping

I have traveled to every country by all possible ways of transport, including hitchhiking by cars, boats and even planes. I have been sitting on top of buses and trains, but there is no way I like better to travel than roadtripping and facing every challenge on the way with new travel friends. This is why I have decided to organize road trips in every continent of the World where I invite you to come with. Why you should be roadtripping the World Can you remember the last time you were roadtrippping? How free you felt, and how you as a group could be in charge of where you were going? If we dont like a particular place we can just...

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Making a difference

My dream is to promote sustainable travel. And by travel I mean the concept of moving, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, and not a consumerist, secluded all inclusive package to a beach destination. Travel is something that can have a lot of positive, long lasting effects. It breaks down stereotypes, creates understanding and respect for people different from ourselves. It promotes harmony instead of conflict and is my hope for a demilitarised and more peaceful World. Travel can teach you to live a more simplistic life, of consuming just what you need and realising how rich you really are. Not necessarily in terms of money, but in opportunities, safety and the possibility to live a free and healthy life. Your perception is what makes...

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