A Break with Luxury in Barbados

Barbados seems to be the place to go if you want a purely enjoyful holiday somewhere in the Caribbean. Its got azure waters, white sandy beaches, the litteracy rate is as high as 98 percent and everything simply works! Even though it seems to have reaped well of wealthy European visitors, the place has its charm and locals are welcoming and friendly. Buses run like in the rest of the Caribbean where they go when full, but here the standard seemed to be a bit better for them than the ones I have been riding in Dominica the last days.

The last days in Dominica without showers, electricity etc have been quite rough so it was good to spend a night in a suite at Accra Beach Resort where I had a king bed, excellent meals and my own jacuzzi in the room. It was too big for me so I invited some people from the beach for a bath and which was a great way of getting to know locals.

The area around also had all kinds of shops to buy in stuff that I found out that I needed and all kinds of restaurants like an all vegan place and Acke Tree which served “doubles” a indian/caribbean dish which consisted of two round tortillas that were rolles around curry sauce with chickpeas, potatoes and such.

Swimming in Brownies Beach looking for turtles I also found some shipwrecks and walking around Carlisle Bay in the capital Bridgetown by sunset was a pleasant experience.

Doing laundry, sowing and relaxing by the pool at Accra Hotel has made ready for another few rough weeks camping in the caribbean.

Watch this on my vlog, episode 6 here

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