A Revisit to the Omani Capital

As there was practically nothing to see in Salalah than the beautiful mosque, we continued our journey up towards Muscat. The drive up was about 12 hours with not much more to see than desert and camels, so we needed to break up the journey, which we did by doing a couple of walks from the road to nearby sand dunes.

When we arrived Muscat, we went to a party to some travelers that I had gotten in touch with through Every Passport Stamp- a Facebook page for people trying to visit every country.

Early next morning we headed out to explore the city. The main sight is a huge mosque, called Sultan Qabus and the Mutrah Corniche. The Beach in Azaiba was also something we had a look at, but it was not very impressing. Next up Ill fly to Pakistan, which should be interesting!

Sultan Qabus Grand Mosque

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