A surfers paradise(if it was’nt for the cold May weather)

After about an hour of driving North of Los Angeles, we reached our final destination of our road trip, which was Santa Barbara. Our expectations for the city were high, as we had heard about the great beaches the city had to offer, and the warm weather which made it possible to grow wine grapes and oranges. When we arrived there, it started raining, and the weather did not get much better before we left the next day. We still managed to have a good time walking around in the nice and summery city of Santa Barbara, where they had wireless internet around the street fountains. The shops and restaurants there seemed to have been made for rich people. 

The city center of Santa Barbara looked a little bit like a city from Disney’s “Alladin”, with sand colored buildings that looked like they were used to a warm climate.  Santa Barbara is a city where a lot of rich people live, and they also have a well known university, UCSB, where we spent the night sleeping in the car and using their power outage, showers, bathrooms and wireless internet. I believe that Santa Barbara was a nice city to rest out before we drove the almost 40 hours long drive to Chicago again.

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