Afghan Visa Attempt in Khorog

The ram at the entrance of Khorogh

Khorogh is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Badakhshan and is a natural stopping point for anyone on the Pamir Highway, especially for those wanting to go into the Wakhan corridor.

The bridge connecting both sides of Khorogh

Once again I had met someone in my shared taxi who invited me to stay in their home. The temperature was not hot like Osh nor cool like Murghab, but pleasant to walk around in day and night.

My plan was to get a visa for Afghanistan at the consulate, but when I talked to them they said they had just stopped issuing visas for other than the Wakhan corridor as some travelers had been refused entry on the Termez border with a visa from Khorogh.

I met some others who were going hiking in the mountains on the Afghanistan side, but for me this area would not give anything more than the trekking experience. I want to see real Afghanistan and will continue to Dushanbe to try to get my tourist visa there instead.

Pat here, was happy to get his Afghan visa in one hour to trek the Wakhan

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