Algiers “le blanche”

Algiers must have been one of the Worlds most beautiful cities at its height during the French colonial times. Most of the city is painted in white, giving the city its nickname “leblanche”, but some places it looks as if there has been no paint applied since Algeria got its independence in 1962, and the trash is piling up in the streets.

My favorite place was definitely the Casbah (old city) where you would find kids playing football in the narrow streets and people could sit down with an espresso, newspaper or play soltaire with a deck of cards.

I got to visit the main attractions of the city which was a church called “Notre Dame d’Afrique” and a glowing green monument called the freedom monument. By the monument I met a guy walking his ram, and I asked why there were so many people doing just that. Apparently there is a tradition of ram fighting which happen every year before Eid. People can pay thousands of euros for such sheeps, and walk around to promote their fighters and collect bets.

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