Almost Only Rain in Pohnpei, Micronesia

Micronesia, which we hoped to become the highlight of our around the world trip has become a bit of a dissapointment for us. Not because there was little to do here, but because the things that we wanted to do required us to go outside of our hotel room, which was hard when it was raining heavily outside. It rained three out of the four days here. So much that staying indoor was the only option. 

Luckily PCR hotel where we stayed had free internet and a really good japanese run restaurant. We literally speaking all our meals there, and found the lunch there particularily good with either 9USD sashimi buffet or the 6USD lunch of the day including soup, salad, maincourse and ice tea. Between 2PM and 5.30PM the restaurant had siesta, just like all the other restaurants on the island. We usually ate sashimi until we dropped for lunch, so for us it was really not a problem, but if you are used to early dinners then it might be smart to buy some snacks for the hours in between.

Our last full day in Micronesia, we also went on a  8 hour long boat trip to the with Pohnpei Surf Club where we got to snorkel and watch the pros go surfing around the Palikir Pass. An experience that should not be passed if you are visiting Pohnpei and like surfing.

If it wasn’t for the heavy rain we also would have rented a car and visited the Ruins of Nan Madol, villages and the big waterfalls mapped out on this page. I would normally say that sights missed are sights saved for next time I visit, but since Micronesia is pretty much as far as you can get from home and since the monopoly flights to the country are really expensive, I think I have blown my chances of seeing the best things that this tiny country has to offer. If you are thinking about going, my best advise would be to book at least a week so that you can be sure to not have the stay wasted on bad weather.

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