Antsirabe, like a smaller Tanna

While waiting for my taxi brousse to fill up in Tanna there was a lovely French couple who sat down next to me and gave me a good introduction to life in Madagascar. They introduced me to their friends at a bar, who were going on a three day canoeing trip the day after. When I asked if I could join they simply made a call to their guide an it was arranged! I even got to sleep in their friends garden, and then we met again, ready for the trip the next afternoon.

The morning was spent exploring Antsirabe which has the reputation for being a smaller version of the Malagasy capital Antananarivo, or “Tanna” as everyone call it.

There were lots of old, colonial style buildings like the old train station which was now only operating with cargo transport to the capital. I also got to see a cock fight which apparently is a big thing here. People bet millions of Ariarys and even their houses, hoping that their cock will be the last one standing.

The group of Frenchies who I would spend the next week with

It was not before midnight that my new French travel group would arrive Mindrivazo, where our three day canoe trip to Belo-Tsiribihina would start.

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