Beerfest in Belgrade

Belgrade train station
When coming to the train station in Belgrade, I felt as I was far out on the country in Russia, with almost nothing close by. After walking around trying to find the city center for a while, I finally found the main street and the big fortress in the city. Eight hours I walked by myself, taking pictures of the scenery and then I thought Belgrade seemed like a pretty boring place to be, so I decided to take the evening train to Sofia instead. When I was back at the train station, and ready to leave I got a text message from couchsurfer I had contacted earlier, who told me to stay in order not to miss the big festival that was going on in the city. I then found a hostel and got a shower and a change of clothes before I went out. About five minutes before that, I came over an article from the same day, where it said that 8 innocent people had been stabbed at the festival, and that the stabber was still on the loose. I did some mathematical calculations, and decided that 8 out of 9 million people is not a lot, so I went and had some of the best fun I have hade on my trip so far. At the huge festial area there were loads of beer tents, with pretty reasonable prices(kr7.86 ()). 
After the festival we went to a club on a huge boat at the Danube. In the early morning hours we ended up talking along the river and when I came back to the hostel it was late enough for me to check out, and leave Serbia. 


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