Buenos Aires, my Favorite City in the Whole World!

Initially we were only supposed to stay one week in Buenos Aires and then travel on to Uruguay, but after just a couple of days in Uruguay we turned back to stay another week in Baires. With the very favorable economic situation for tourist here at the moment, we have lived like kings spending almost a two month budget in just two weeks, mainly on shopping, wine and good food. The city has just so much to offer and to experience it all I would reccommend spending at least ten days, but if you just want to have one perfect week I have put together an itinerary which should not dissapoint!

Monday – La Bomba de Tiempo is a drum show/concert only running on Mondays, and is something that should not be missed. Most peope at the show are hippies and at the entrance you will see lots of people selling hash brownies/space cookies but it is still not a very shady or scary place. The drinks inside are really cheap (6US for a liter of wine) and the athmosphere is great. A must do when in BA on a Monday!
Tuesday – As Sundays and Mondays are the best days to go out you will probably be a bit reduced today and need some fresh air. If so, there is a great bike tour with BA bikes (23US) that will take you on the Southern route to see the main attractions of Buenos Aires like the colorful and lively La Boca, Puerto Madero where there is a new expensive bridge that is supposed to look like a couple dancing tango but really does not, and San Thelmo which is considered downtown and is the oldest part of BA.
Wednesday – Going to a football match is something everyone told us was a must do in Buenos Aires, but everytime there was a match on we had other plans. We went to the Boca stadium though, which is quite small but is supposed to be the wilderst experience as they have the craziest supporters. River and Velez have the biggest stadiums though and should be a bit easier getting tickets to.
Thursday – Cycling is the best way to see a city, so today you can do the northern route with BA bikes to see the rest of the city including Ricoleta with the Worlds most impressing cemetary, the upscale Palermo where all the rich people live and more. There is also free tango lessons at 8PM in Milhouse Hipo to prepare for the saturday tango class.
Friday – You will need to dedicate a full day to shopping in Buenos Aires walking along Florida/LaValle in the morning and heading North of Palermo for lunch and afternoon shopping. In the evening you should head back to Milhouse Avenue at 8PM where there is a Rooftop barbeque for 8 dollars (wine at own expense).
Saturday –  Go to a tango class and tango show (39US$) where you can learn some basic steps and afterwards see how the professionals dance. The price includes a three course meal selected from a menu and all you can drink with soda, beer and wine, so you will probably see a lot of people choosing to stay out in the city after the show is over, even though most Argentineans do not go out before 1-2 in the morning.
Sunday – The market at Defensa street is huge and is something you cannot miss if you are looking for souveniers to bring home. Here there are mainly collectors and handicraft makers gathered on nearly fifteen blocks to sell their stuff. Also there is a cultural event close by, on Avenida de Mayo where they have music concerts and food from a new country every week. Many restaurants and shops are closed, but these events plus the good night life and weekly football games makes sundays great in BA.

Tomorrow morning at 6AM we will be leaving Argentina and spend the next few days in San Ignacio and Iguazu Falls, and I am sure that as soon as we leave I will start missing the beautiful city of Buenos Aires!

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