Cali Camp

Waking up at 5.30 we were all packed and ready by 6. It was a good call starting early as we had quite a bit ahead of us.

We shot off South to Dana Point, where the Cali Camp crew was awaiting us. The surf guides seemed stoked to go surfing and drove us down to Oceanview Beach in the county of San Diego where the waves were bigger than they first had anticipated. It was rough and foggy (June gloom) and we had to make a good effort to cut through the waves on the way out, but we still kept going for two and a half hours and got a couple of good runs each.

The absolute beginners group was done much earlier and were already eating and drinking beers at a garden party that the boys had arranged at the surf camp.

The hours went by and the beers did as well, so in the evening we headed up to Palm Springs where we visited a Thai restaurant and checked into the Mariott hotel for the night. Having some last beers and a dip in the hotel pool I thought to myself that I was lucky having a job that lets me travel, and even some times pays for it as well. I just couldn’t imagine anyone having a better work day than the one I just had.

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