Camping and hitchhiking around Tobago

Pirates Bay, at the Northern tip of Tobago

Tobago is simply a backpackers paradise. Everything is much cheaper than in the rest of the Caribbean, you can legally camp for free on all the beaches and it is one of the places in the World where I have most easily gotten to hitch rides with passing cars.

I met a Chilean hard core backpacker called Hilton who suggested that we should hitchhike around the island and then camp along the way. The first day we went to the city on the Caribbean side of the island called Castara, where we made camp on a beach called Englishmans Bay. It was in a bay covered by jungle on all sides, completely empty of people and I would say it was my favorite beach on the whole island. We also hiked to a waterfall, just a few minutes walk from Castara city, which was small, but nice.

Pidgeon Point was also lively with beach bars at night

Our second night we spent camping in the tribune of a football stadium in a city called Charlotteville. We were supposed to camp at a lookout point called Flagstaff, but as it was raining so much we found out that it was better just to seek shelter and then go there the next day. We also visited the beach furtherst to the North called Pirates Bay which Hilton said was his favorite- probably beacause it really gave you a feeling of being on a pirate beach st the end of the World.

The view from Flagstaff, Charlotteville

The camp at Englishmans Bay

We also stopped at the beaches on the Atlantic side of the Island around the cities of Speyside and Roxborough, but I must say that the Caribbean side was the most beautiful and it is a place that I will miss when moving on to South America next week.

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