Chutes de Boali

Bangui is a city divided in so called PK districts. When I was there in may 2016, PK0 to PK3 were considered the safe zones, while I stayed just a littlebit outside with a couchsurfing host in PK4. A few steps further would have gotten me in the Muslim district of PK5 where a lot of the violence, including the recent church massacre happened.

The road to Boali was fairly good

The city doesn’t have much to offer, so I negotiated a fair price (25$+gas) with a motorcycle taxi to take me to PK90, about 100kms away. Why? To see one of the country’s most famous attractions, the Boali Waterfalls.

The road was good and we were only stopped once at a police checkpoint where they told us that we needed a letter from the ministry of tourism to pass, which was bull****. I tried to talk my way out of it like I do every time, but before I managed to do so my driver had paid them 4$ and we were told we could go.

The falls were quite spectacular, even though it was June and the dry season. The entry was a fair 1000cfa/2$ considering that they had built stairs and viewpoint for visitors. Just know before you go that there will be guides approaching you who will not take no for an answer, so I had to just get on the bike and tell the driver to go while the locals started angrily demanding money for parking, guiding and whatnot.

I had hoped to walk the suspension bridge over the falls but was told that this was destroyed by Seleka rebels who also had killed all the restaurant workers to use it as a strategic defense point. This was years ago though and I was told that the place had been quiet ever since.

Boali is also a good chance to get a shower

Central African Republic is a crazy place to be at the moment, and I would therefore advise all to do proper research before venturing out of the safety zones, but if you are there during quiet times I would highly recommend giving the Boali Falls a visit as it was an experience a thousand times more rewarding than staying in the boring capital city.

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