Couchsurfing Stockholm

Sometimes the things you want to do is not that unreachable. I managed to do two of the things I wanted to this weekend: visit the capitol of Sweden and couchsurf. A couple of days before I went, I had been on and gotten in contact with people living in Stockholm who had a couch to offer me.
The first night I spent on a horsefarm about an hour outside of the city center. The people hosting me were two friendly girls who were living in a small cabin with just one small room for kitchen, beds and table and another one for shower, sink and toilet. I felt really bad taking up the last of their floor space with my foldable bed, but they ensured me that they were glad to host me and that they were okay with me stepping over their beds to leave in the morning.
The mediaeval bar: “Sjätte Tunnan”

I spent the second night downtown Stockholm in a punk-ish girls apartment. As soon as I got  there I was asked if I wanted to go out with her and her friends to see a movie and have some beers in the old city. It ended up with a nice cultural experience, where we sat in a castle-like bar, where they served mead, fresh bread and roasted meat, discussing politics for the election that was going to take place all over the country the next day. Now I just wish that we had that kind of bar in Norway, and hope that Norwegian couchsurfers show the same kind of hospitality towards people who are coming to visit our country and to get a Norwegian cultural experience.

For only one thousand Norwegian krones, I will get three travels with train in Sweden. The first one being this weekends trip to Stockholm, the week after that a trip to Lund in the south of Sweden, and on Wednesday me and my friend took a daytrip to Gothenbourg for a daytime pubcrawl. My ticket gives me free pass on all trains travelling in Sweden, and can be used for for five days in one month. Sweet deal.

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