Diving in Cayo Largo, Cuba

sailing 3_Snapseed

At the end of a trip discovering the Cuban islands, it was also time to see if it was just as beautiful under water as it was above. At first I had been a bit concerned, as Cuba has a trade blockade with the US that even include the recognition of the American PADI standards. Luckily the Australian equivalent Scuba Schools International (SSI) was not. Cuba Diving Avalon was a Cubans SSI certified dive center, but for them to look up my friends license (as she had forgotten it at home) took forever and a half as Cubas dial up internet is the Worlds slowest. Luckily the dive center was right at the harbour so that we could relax on deck of our sailboat in the meantime.

Our instructor, Pablo, did not speak any English which was fine as most of us knew enough Spanish, but others who did not had missed his reminded of the five meter safety stop and shot to the surface without it. Luckily both our dives near Cayo Siguia had a max depth of around 12-14 meters so it was not as bad as it could have been, especially since we had been promised to start with a deep dive of 30 meters plus. I don’t know why we went just shallow and did not bother asking.

I had earlier been impressed with the huge tarpons living in the shallow water around the docks, and had hoped to see some schools of those, but dissapointingly enough all the fish we saw were small.

The water was quite clear and we swam through some impressively coral, but the underwater life was not as good as I had hoped for. Except for a turtle, some lionfish and a huge lobster we did not see much. The snorkeling around Cayo Largo has revealed more interesting places that we visited on our two scubadiving dives.

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