Flying Business Class With Turkish Airlines

I once said I will never fly business class, but what I should have said is I will never buy a business class ticket being four times more expensive than regular economy ticket. I had won two round trip business class tickets to Istanbul and did not refuse going.

Already at Oslo Airport the business class experience started with own check in counter, fast track security, priority boarding and the SAS lounge where we could enjoy strawberries, cheeses and sparkling wine and other food and drinks from a self service bar.

The SAS International Business Lounge in Oslo

On the flight to Istanbul (an Airbus 321-200 machine) we were let in first and were immediately served a pre-departure drink from a selection while waiting for the flight to take off. The chairs were super nice with lots of adjustment possibilities but the entertainment system was the same as for economy class which is pretty bad when flying Turkish. We did not have much need for entertainment though, as we enjoyed having the full attention of the flight attentants and the business class chef who came around with newspapers and drinks throughout the flight.

I chose to have a pasta dish as a main course while my girlfriend chose scampi, and together with the starter, sides and dessert we had way too much good food and were stuffed throughout the flight.

On the way back the business experience was even better; where we had our own airport entrance, and a lounge ten times bigger with massage benches, pool tables, gaming halls and self service cafés and self service restaurants.


The airplane on the way back (an Airbus A330-200/300) was also much more modern with massage chairs leaning all the way back, a much better entertainment system and more privacy.


When getting off the plane we had decided that we would never again say never to business class tickets, as other than price it is a far more superior alternative to flying economy class.


 The seats on the Airbus 321-200 machine


The Turkish Airlines Business Lounge in Istanbul

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