Forts and temples in the outback of Rajasthan

Since we had grown tired by overcrowded trains with noisy and snoring people, we decided to hire a taxi for a week. As long as we agreed to not stay longer than two nights in the cities we visited, the travel agency we booked through did not ask for money for the drivers accommodation. Gas and food the driver also had to provide for himself, and we were the ones in charge, who decided where and when to stop. On the way from Udaipur to Jodhpur, we decided to take to major stops.
The first one was in Krumbalgarh, which is known for its big 15th century built fortress. It took us quite a long time to reach the top by foot, but it was well worth the walk when we came to the top. Here we had a spectacular view of the long stretching fortress walls, which reminded us of the Great Wall of China, and we also enjoyed watching the many monkeys at close hold, until they started chasing us away.
The second stop was in Ranakpur, where the famous marble Jain temple is located. After being at the architectural masterpiece of the Krumbalgarh Fort, the Renakpur temples were not that impressing, but we found a painted elephant, which we were quite amused of. The park area around the temple also had a good atmosphere, and was a nice place to stop for a chai break, before we drove 5 hours non-stop to Jodhpur.

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