Four Days in Kabul

Kabul is a massive city with its 7 million inhabitants, but with a few days to spare we were able to cover most places of interest. Noor from LBFA had arranged a room for us in a hotel that was hidden behind a kebab joint, with a narrow back room entrance and security, which felt very safe. He also took us out the first day to explore the Ka Feroshi bird market, the famous chicken street, Baburs Grave and the finishing off with sunset view from Wazar Akhbar Khan park.

The days I stayed with couchsurfers and started to feel very comfortable walking the streets with them, just as if it was any other city in the World. We traveled by buses, shared private taxis and the yellow taxis to visit the museum park, a private institute where I got to join in on a English class, to restaurants and to mosques.

It didnt seem like a lot of people noticed us much, especially as we were wearing local clothes and had a guide local couchsurfing hosts to help us ask for prices and tell directions to taxi drivers. I must say that I was a little worried about coming to Afghanistan, but after four days in the capital I have lowered my shoulders and feel much more confident about traveling in the country. On my last day I went back to the Wazar Akhbar Khan park, and while sitting there and watching all the life happening on the streets and rooftops I wish I could have spent even more time here.

Top:Ka Feroshi market. Bottom: Baburs garden

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