From Ancient Galatia to Modern Ankara


When arriving at the Turkish capitol, Ankara, we felt like we had gotten a lot closer to our home country then we had been before on our Silk Road journey. Ankara felt much more European that I had expected, but just like Istanbul it had its districts that had more in common with its neighbouring countries in the East.

Ankara Castle was definately one of those places. Here the streets were narrow, the buildings were worn and lots of people were selling handicrafts for the tourists. It was also here I realised how big the city really is after walking on the castle walls, overlooking the city from all sides. From there we headed over to the museum of Anatolian Civilization, then to the tomb of Ataturk and when asking our guide what was next he said there were no next. As such a big and historically important city I would have believed it to have more to offer, but sights are also not all. We spent the rest of the day eating one euro kebabs and celebrating having finished a legendary journey through the Silk Road as the group split up here going in different directions and eventually home to their own countries.


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