Hiking the Pacaya Volcano

Antigua is the Volcano capital of Guatemala. Not far from the city you will find volcanoes like Chichastenango and Pacaya, where we had decided to go for a day trip to the latter.

It was January 1st and apparently was is a tradition here in Guatemala to fire off a second round of fireworks at noon that day so we got to hear and see all the action happening in the sky over Antigua while hiking to the top.

The one hour hike to the top was easy. Easy enough to do in my slippers and when we got to the top we were handed sticks and marshmellows that we could heat in the cracks of the volcano while the sun was setting in the horizon. Costing just ten US dollars when booking at the Yellow House in Antigua, this was absolutely something I would reccommend for people deciding to spend a few days in the city.

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