Hunting for the World’s Hardest Visa in Douala

What I think are the most pretty African cities, are the ones where colonial buildings are still present, perhaps by some river or in another natural setting or just a city where people seem to have slowed down and enjoy their lives. Douala was none of those things. It was just a massive, busy business city, even bigger than the country’s capital and the only reason that I went there three times from Limbé was to visit the General Consulate of Equatorial Guinea in hope of getting a tourist visa to the country. Apparently EG is one of the World’s hardest country to get a visa for, and during my interviews at the Consulate they made it clear that they did not really want any visitors snooking around their country either. The first time they did not even let me into the building because I was not wearing a shirt and proper shoes. After also visiting the Embassy in Yaounde it was made clear to me that it was impossible to get a visa to Equatorial Guinea in Cameroon.

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