Kakadoo National Park

Kakadoo is a place I had heard about and wanted to go to for many years. Australia has a lot of bird and animals that live exclusively in Australia and I was hoping for a proper wildlife experience where I would sleep in a swag under the stars among the wild animals. Because we were at the end of the wet season, the trip turned out quite different.


We started the day early and had a few hour drive to …. aboriginal center, which we went through in just a few minutes. Then we cooked some lunch and played some frisbee at the parking lot before driving another couple of hours to …. cultural center. There they had ponds with the fish and turtles and fish native to the area and lots of information about the wildlife which was interesting enough. The visit concluded our sightseeing for the day and we spent the evening chilling out at the pool, drinking wine and playing cards.

The next morning we also left early only to drive the whole day back to Darwin. The only stop we made on the way was for half an hour hike to a lookout point, where forests were all around us as far as the eye could see. I had hoped to see a lot of wildlife, but all we saw during our time in Kakadu national park was some birds and wallabees along the way.

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