Kay Afar- the center of the Omo Valley

If you are ever planning on visiting Omo Valley, but don’t have an organized tour to take you, your best bet would be to go to Kay Afar and hope that others would come there that you could tag along with. Kay Afar is in the middle of the Valley, and it is just a small junction village where one road would go to Turmi and the other to Jinka, which are the two villages where the famous bull jumping ceremony is held.

When we were there, we only saw one other tourist there and there was not much to do other than going to the bars and drink honey wine with the locals.

Our guide Mickey (phone +251926112219) knew some people from the Banna tribe living in a nearby village where we went to say hi and to see the sunset from a nice view. The landscape there was also quite spectacular, reminding me of the Banfora region in Burkina Faso. It was a familiar mix of green grass, red soil and small mud huts and a peaceful place to stay for a night.

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