Kickin it in Karachi

I literally booked my flight to Karachi just hours before it departed, not knowing anything about the city. The flight from Muscat was a steal at just 70 dollars, but far (20hrs+) from the cities that I had originally wanted to visit in Pakistan.

Karachi is one of the Worlds biggest cities, with over 12 million inhabitants, and I was expecting a chaos of another dimensions, but the city was actually surprisingly clean and organized. Almost like a Pakistani version of New Delhi.

That was except for the beach called Cliffton, just like one of my favorite beaches in Cape Town. But the Cliffton beach in Lahore was nothing like the one in South Africa. There was trash and poop everywhere and homeless people napping on the iron benches that must have been placed there during the colonial times.

I was driving around on motorcycle ubers costing a dollar on average and the highlight was seeing the mausoleum of Mazar e Quaid, who was the founder of Pakistan. There was literally 50 people wanting to take pictures with me and one of the security guards insisted on taking me around and walked me though the entrance of the museum for free.

As I didnt have a couchsurfing host arranged for the night I decided to jump on the 22 hour long overnight train to Lahore, which is supposed to be a more historical and cultural city in Pakistan.

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