Kochi – The island between the Arabian Sea and the backwaters


Kochi is Keralas prime tourist destination, and is a quiet island hidden away and protected from the noisy, commercialized  mainland. When we first arrived at the island, a smiling rickshaw driver came up to us and offered us a three hour long sightseeing tour around the island, and wanted only 100 rupees (10 NOK).  Such an offer seemed too good to be true, but the driver kept his word and guided us through the assortment of architectural styles worth seeing on the island. He also showed us the spice markets and explained how the Chinese fishing nets worked, and told us which fishermen to talk to in order to get the most fresh fish available.



The best part about Kochi was that the fresh fish could just be brought to one of the many fish restaurants along the harbor where they gladly prepared the fish that was brought. While sitting and eating the fish, we could enjoy the view of the Chinese fishing nets and the beach in the sunset. 

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