Kutaisi, Canyons and Winery Visits

Kutaisi is not the most interesting city, in fact, it might even be the most boring city that I have visited for months. It has a large square, a simple opera house, a park and a couple of churches and thats it. The reason people are visiting is because the flights there are cheap (60eur to Budapest!) and because there are lots of cool things that can be done around the city.

I had heard good things about the wine in this region and was quick to book a wine tour costing around 20euro including pickup from ny hostel (N4), transfer to Baghdati(45mins) a four course Georgian meal with 4 accompanying wines- a great deal! The best part of it was that it did not feel like a commercial tour at all. The driver felt like my friend and the wineyard we visited welcomed us like we were family, explaining passionate not only about their wines but also about their food, history and culture.

I also met a French guy who had just bought a car and wanted to take it for a spin to Martvili Canyon. The Canyon is famous for its turquoise water and beaches where locals and tourist come to relax and sometimes have a picknick. The rock walls in the canyon were perfect for practising bouldering skills as the water provided a safe, but cold landing every time I would fall.

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