Kyrgiz Hospitality

The best part about traveling to Kyrgizstan has by far been the people. I have used apps such as couchsurfing, tinder and InMessage to get in touch with locals and every time people have been eager to get in touch and show me their homes, families and culture.

Most Kyrgiz people share small apartments where the whole family sleeps on the floor in one room, and people have been letting me stay on the small space they have and insisted on sharing their meals and drinks with me.

I met a Swiss guy and a Mexican guy in Bishkek and together we decided to try to give back a little by renting an AirBnB apartment for 15$ and cooking Norwegian reindeer meat that I had brought from home. We invited everyone we could think of from our waitress at a pizza restaurant to the friends and families of my couchsurfing hosts. Having some drinks and sharing travel stories and culture from 5 different nationalities was a great way to spend an evening.

On the sunday I was invited to a traditional dinner at one of my new gotten friends family. Normally she said they would kill the ram first, but this time they had cheated and brought the meat from the butcher.

Everyone were helping out cutting meat, vegetables and filleting fish while we were eating and drinking vodka. The whole dinner went on from 10am to 10pm and I got to meet other people who invited me to their homes. One even invited me (hotel, restaurant meals and transport) on a three day trip to Issyk Kul which you can read more about on this post.

From my 176 countries visited, Kyrgizstan is for sure amont the top 3 friendliest countries together with Iran and Sudan and I am 100% sure that I will be back to stay for a longer time and get to know the people and culture even more.

Im being offered a “haggis” like meal consisting of sheep intestines stuffed into a stomache.

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