Lake Malawi

On our way to Lake Malawi we stopped in Lilongwe where we got to eat lunch and do some shopping. The people who had not gotten their visas to Mozambique in advance spent the whole day at  the embassy, as Mozambique visas are very rarely issued at the border.  Lake Malawi was only a couple of hours away and we got there just before the sun went down. Just in time to pack up our tents and bring all our stuff from the truck before it got too dark. The evening was spent around the campfire where our guide gave us a proper introduction of Malawi and explained all the things it was possible for us to do by the lake. 

The next morning we got up early to start with a trip to the local village called “the hot sand village”. It was said to have gotten its name because of the sand becoming so hot in october that everyone needed to have their shoes on. The main thing that was produced and sold in the village were boats and fishing nets for the lake, but there were also some good wood carverers who took special requests, so I asked them to make a key chain with a text and picture on it, and they made it perfectly at almost no cost. It was also interesting to hear our guide explain that the boys left their parents at the age of 15 when they started building their own houses. Their houses could be made in two weeks or two months depending on how quick they were, and they usually used around 5000 bricks made out of dried mud and banana tree leafs for the roofs. 

We also got to do some snorkeling at the Lake which had more fish species than any other lake on earth. After the snorkeling trip we got to play some volleyball at the beach and then again spend the evening around the campfire. 
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