Lichtfield National Park

As Darwin did not have too much to see, I was really excited when we set off into the nature in Lichtfield National Park.

Lichtfield has a very tropical, rainforest climate and is famous for having some of Australias best waterfalls, some big termite mounds and rivers and billabongs full of crocodiles.

Some three hours drive from Darwin we got to the Florence Waterfalls where we went for a swim. The falls were not too big and worked excellent for climbing and as a shower. Our second stop was the Buley Rock Pools where we had a more relaxed swim and a picnic lunch.

Not far away we stopped at some termite mounds that must have been fiver meters tall and was estimated to be 250 years old. There were also some info posters explaining how important these were to the eco system as they manage to break down materials that other animals cannot.

Our last stop for the day was at the Corroboree Park Tavern where we had a beer before we were picked up for some crocodile spotting cruise. It took us nearly two hours to spot the first crocodile, but in the meantime we saw lots of birds, wallabees, tasted green tree ants and water lillys. The biggest crocodile we saw was about three meters swimming right next to our boat as the sun was setting in the horizon.

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