Living in “Chepe” (San Jose), Costa Rica

costa rica
The big waving flag was the view from our classroom window


After living in a Costa Rican family for about a week, I am starting to feel like things are becoming more of a routine, and everything is not new anymore. A typical day in a “Tico” family, usually starts with fresh roasted coffee, fresh bread from the bakery and usually two kinds of fruit(everything grown locally in Costa Rica of course). The weather is the same every day, with extremely sunny mornings from 6 in the morning, a couple of hours of heavy rain(usually in the afternoon) and warm and nice evenings. The people in Costa Rica are usually very friendly, but it is sometimes necessary to be a little skeptical if they are too friendly. If you let them carry your stuff, or tell you the directions somewhere, they can ask for a tip afterwards, especially if you wear nice clothes and show that you have money.

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