Malaria in Mangalore?

Even after a whole week of being sick, we had not gotten in much better shapes, but we still had to take the train south to Mangalore to follow our time schedule. The six hour train ride was not something we had looked forward to, as we only managed to get tickets to 3rd class, but considering the small amount that we paid (500 Rupees each/50 NOK), the train was surprisingly good.

Since malaria had been the main topic for discussion on the train, the first thing we did when we got to Mangalore was to take a blood test, to find out if this had been the reason for us feeling so unwell the last days. As non-indians, we got to go before the nearly twenty people waiting in line, and went straight to take a blood sample, which turned out negative (cost 110 Rupees/10 NOK), and since this was not the reason, the doctor explained that it might be lack of salt and water which has caused the symptoms we had experienced. The last two weeks had been spent suntanning on the beach, where we had not been drinking much, so the doctor explained that it could easily be solved by having a bag of chips and some cola every day. It was a cure we will gladly try out!


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