Manama, Bahrain

bahrain world trade centerAs I landed at the airport in Manama and turned on my cellphone I received a text from my couchsurfing host telling me that he couldn’t host me for that night. That meant that I was alone in a new country with nowhere to stay. Knowing that a hotel would be too expensive for my travel budget I figured out that I would just take a taxi into the city to take some photos of the Bahrain World Trade Center and then just head back to the airport to spend the night there. It would be sad to only see a bit of what the country had to offer, but I felt that it was the only option left.

The taxi ride to the city took about 20 minutes and I was told from the taxi driver that we had driven halfway through the country already which surprised me. The Bahrain WTC was also something I was positively surprised about. The building was beautifully lit up in the dark and was visible from far away. It was said that the three windmills in between the two towers were delivering power sufficient enough to supply 300 houses. If every sky scraper in the world also would have three windmills I guess that would have solved the worlds power problems.

While I was taking pictures of the building a car suddenly stopped right next to me and a guy in his early twenties asked me to get in. At first I was a bit hesitant, but as I had nothing better to do I decided to jump in. His Moroccan English accent was hard to understand and the first twenty minutes or so he spent on his phone talking to friends while driving. When he stopped the car I understood what he wanted to do. He wanted to bring me into the western clubs so that he and his friends were allowed in too. What a sneaky trick.

At first  it was a bit quiet when visiting a hotel bar called “Finnegans Wake”, but the pace picked up once we went over to a club called “club 360”. The Morroccan really liked to dance with his virgin coke and we stayed there until 5 o’clock in the morning. After that we also visited an Arabian disco which was an interesting cultural experience. In there the whole layout was different. The couched were all standing along the walls where everyone were sitting and smoking waterpipes. These couches were all facing a big dance floor where only a couple of people were dancing at the same time, while people around them were eager to sell them sprinklers taped to champagne bottles that they could dance around, lay that you could give to a girl and moneyshowers (one dollar bills that they would throw on the dancing couple and then pick up again). It was an interesting place and we stayed there until 9 in the morning, just in time for me to make my flight around noon. 


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