Murghab-First stop on the Pamir Highway

The road between Osh and Murghab took us about 16 hours, including the border crossing. The road condition quickly deteriorated when we crossed from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan around midnight but the driver didnt seem to mind and was trying to keep his raceing speed throughout the night.

When we reached Murghab it was already morning and the small town was starting to wake up. Because of the high speed, bumpy roads and some screaming kids in our car I had not gotten much sleep, which a woman must have picked upon on as she invited me to her home for some breakfast and some sleep. My first encounter with the Pamirian Hospitality.

Probably not the only car that has died on the Pamir Highway

In Murghab there was nothing really to see and do. Prices were much higher than anywhere else and the restaurants and shops all offered the same things, probably as it is hard to get stuff here.

This old oil tank was the only public toilet in town

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