Nata and Chobe in Botswana

After driving 13 hours and 900 kilometers we finally arrived at Nata Lodge in Botswana. The oasis- like camp we were staying at was laying close to the Makgadigadi salt pans, but since we were just staying the night and driving again early the next morning we did not get to see any of that. It was also our first night of outdoor camping and we got to experience how cold it can be in the African winter nights, which was a big contrast to the hot days. 
The drive the next morning was an interesting one, where we started to see wild animals like giraffes and elephants along the way. It was not surprising as we were driving into Chobe national park, which is said to have the highest concentration of Elephants in the whole world. 

We also got to do a good afternoon game drive in the national park which I really enjoyed. We got to see huge herds of elephants gathering at the water together with lots of giraffes, kudus, impalas and springboks. It was a good day for animal watching and it was also good to spend most of the day outside of the truck after all the driving. After a home cooked meal, we took a short drive across the border to Zimbabwe and headed to Victoria Falls where we would spend the three next nights.

chobe2 chobe3 chobe4


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