New Years Celebration in Gdansk

It has now been 13 years since I last spent New Years in Norway and I was not keen on breaking that tradition, so I joined a group of almost 30 friends from my home town (Finnøy/Stavanger) on a new years weekend trip to Gdansk, Poland.

The city was packed with tourists also wanting a cheap escape for New Years. My flight cost me about 23 euros, and then I had booked a hostel for 7 euros a night which I ended up not spending as there was plenty of space at my friends hotel called IBB Dlugi Targ.

Fry your own beef at Mono Restaurant

The first night we went to have dinner at a place called prologue restaurant where they had some interesting meal choices like rabbit. For new years we reserved at a restaurant called Mono kitchen where they also had an interesting of wild boar, beef tartar and beef that you could fry yourself at the table.

The NY night was spent at Craft Cocktails where he had prepaid a bill for 1800EUR to reserve the whole bar which the 25 of us barely managed to drink up.

All in all it was a great place to spend new years, but even more so because of the fantastic people I was with <3

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