Nordkapp at the End of the World

As me and my colleague Malene had been traveling around Northern Norway, holding travel speeches in Mo i Rana, Bodø, Tromsø and Alta, we decided to use the oportunity to do a bit of exploring.

We drove up the road E39 just like all the other tourists anf stopped at Nordkapp, which is known to be the Northernmost point of Norway, but all it is is a monument on a cliff and a huge souvenier shop. All the people walking there thought they were at Europes Northernmost point, but they were wrong. Knivskjellodden, which is a 18km hike from the mainroad goes over a mountain called Vestfjordfjellet and leads to a point called Knivsjelodden, which is located 1450meter further North than the North Cape.

We did the hike in six hours, not stopping for more than a quick bite and a photoshoot by the monument, which was not as impressive as the one at Nordkapp. The hike was not very steep and went mainly through a landscape covered in moss with lots of reindeer and cloudberries.

The road back was smooth and empty stretching over the Finmark Plateu. On the way we found an abandoned school which was being used as a film location for the movie “Lengsel etter Nåtid”was played where everything inside was smashed to pieces- other than that there was not much to see except the city of Honningsvåg. The city calles itself the summer city and claims to be the northernmost in the world, although the title is disputed between Borrow, Alaska and Hammerfest in Norway.

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