North and Central Bali

After having spent a few days on the peninsula in Southern Bali it was time to head up to the mountains and rainforest, which make up most of Northern and Central Bali.

The goal for the day was to reach Lovina, which is a coastal town on the North side where we were going to spend a few nights in a villa. On the way up we stopped at some rice fields at the UNESCO heritage site called Jata Ilouwih for a lunch with a view of the fields. Just a couple of hours later we had out second stop in Tanawa where there is a hindu temple thatbar is featured on the bills of the local currency. Monks were singing and playing instruments which was a comfortable background souds when exploring the temples. The last stop was at a waterfall for a quick backpackersshower.

When we finally reached the villa we were served a Balinese dinner before we jumped into the pool for a party.

The next morning we went on a bpat trip for some snorkeling and to spot dolphins which has been my favorite part of the trip so far.

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