On a longboard across Norway: from Sweden to Hell


It all started with hosting a Swiss couchsurfer who was longboarding Norway from North to South and had told me about a travel show called “Long decks, Long Treks” where people were traveling long ditstances with just their longboards. I had previously longboarded quite a few kilometers between Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan, and had looked for similar trips close to where I live, and longboarding the country East to West was the obvious answer.

I had taken Friday off work, thinking that it would take a full two or three days to longboard the 80 kilometers from the Swedish border to a town called Hell on the coast of Norway, but in fact I managed to push through the journey across Norway in just one day.

The trip started off with a bus ride from Trondheim to Storlien shopping center, a free bus that runs every day for anyone wanting to buy cheaper beer, cigarettes and bacon in our neighboring country Sweden. The first 25 kilometers from there were a bliss, with long hills downward to a town called Meråker. The local newspaper also heard about what I was doing and sent a cameraman over to make a video report. From Meråker it was over a 50 kilometer push on flat ground, which was quite tough and on rough terrain, but traveling on eye level I got to see a lot of ducks, mice and rabbits and stopped frequently to talk to people and look at the surrounding nature.

Although my legs and back was quite sore the next few days it was a great trip that did not cost me a single cent. Some newspapers have made articles about the trip which you can check out on these links (in Norwegian):

Longboarding Across Norway Video Article- Adresseavisa July 25th 2015 & trd.by online newspaper

Longboarding Across Norway – Stavanger Aftenblad/Byas July 27th 2015

Longboarding Across Norway- Øyposten July 31st


Across Norway

Skateboard turist

Øyposten article

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