On Tour With the Ministry of Culture

The Deputy Minister of Culture with her husband the movie producer

The last week has been interesting. It all started when I went on a tinder date where I was invited to a barbeque party of the girls family friends. It was there that I met the Deputy Minister of Culture who after some vodka, singing and lots and lots of food asked me if I wanted to come to Issyk Kul the next day. Without really getting any other information I said yes, and the next day there was a car outside my apartment with a translator (with the nickname “Star”) who told me to get in so that we could get on our way to Issyk Kul.

On my way to Issyk Kul with “the Star”

On the way, Star told me that we were heading to a lake city called Cholpon-Ata where there would be a conference for the upcoming World Nomad Games. My role in all of this was to promote Kyrgyzstan and the games. A good deal, I thought. And it really was.

Star joined me at the beach, at the Ruh Ordo Cultural Center, at the petroglyph rock park, at the amusement park and for a walk around town while the others were in the conference. I had my hotel room where I could relax and met up with everyone else at the meals three times a day. All paid by the ministry.

The following days I was invited to spend in the home of the deputy minister where I had good conversations with the husband in the evening (some beers and Google translate helped a lot!) and got to hang out with the daughter and her friends in the day going gocarting, rollerskating and just hanging out like young people do all over the World.

Its great some times how you suddenly bump into people and your whole travel plans change.

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