Onboard the Tanzanian Central Line Railway

I loove trains, and I have already completed the most famous train rides I can think of; from the Trans Siberian Railway to the Silk Road and riding on top of the World’s longest train in Mauritania.

The Tanzanian Central Line was no different. It was old with curtains, furniture and wall coverings from the 70s. The carts were bumping up and down and swinging from side to side as the train was moving, making my mind drift off in the day and rocking me to sleep in the night.

A first class compartment in Africa

I was lucky enough to get to know Emmanuel, one of the police guards on the train. His friendship was easily bought with a beer and letting him watch movies on my conputer. He told me stories from how weekly they have robbers climbing on top of the roof to steal bags through the windows. One time the had taken a baby as it was mistaken for being a bag, but luckily they had found it in a train station aftwards.

Time was mostly spent sitting in the restaurant chatting with Emmanuel and others, drinking big, lukewarn Kilimanjaro beers for one dollar each and watching movies in my “first class” compartnent which was right next to the kitchen. Whenever someone were ordering dinner I could hear the chicken scream next door as they were slaughtered. With no fridges on board thats how you keep the meat fresh!

Total time was 38 hours which went by fast. Every stop I could run after the train and jump into it in the lsst second and I was allowed to go on the roof and hang out through doors and windows- you dont get to do that riding trains in Europe!

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