Palau is Heaven on Earth


Palau is not just an Island in the Pacific, like most people think. Palau is actually made up by more than a hundres islands, divided by shallow, turquil and warm water. The Islands look like the are elevated from the water and draped in lush tropical greenery. It is a mystery to us why neither the British, the Russian or the Germans have reached this destination. It is a unhurried, relaxing place, rich in stunning natural beauty.

palaupadlingThe Japaneese are over respresented among the tourists here, so much of the tour brochures and restaurant menues were in Japanese only. The local language was also told to have some similarities to Japanese and some locals had learned to speak the language fully to work with tourism. We joined one of the Japanese tour companies for a day trip where we had an English speaking guide to ourselves, as the rest of the tourists were all Japanese.

On our daytrip we went snorkling in both the ocean and in a small lake called Jelly Fish Lake, which had almost just as much jellyfish in it as it had water. We could swim through huge clouds of jellyfish, without getting stung at all. It was only when I kissed one of them that I could feel a little numbness in my lips.


We also got to do some kayaking among the smaller beutiful Rock Islands, where some of the islands were connected, creating arches to swim through and small lagoons to relax in. Many of the islands had beautiful beaches as well. We stopped at a few and had a good lunch on one of them.

Palau is a bit more expensive that we have gotten used through, coming from China and Philippines. The tours require goverment permits that cost 100 dollars per person, and the cheapest accomodation (e.g the ok Lehns Motel where we stayed) start at 65USD per room per night. Exept from that we found Palau just perfect both underneath and over the water surface. It is by far the most beutiful destination that we have traveled to and our reccommendation would be to go there as soon as possible, before the charter tourists from Europe and the US find their way there.


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