Post Accident Update


It has now been ten days since the  accident and tomorrow we will finally be ready to go back on the road and leave it all behind us. It feels like there has been a lot happening these days, but at the same time there has been a lot of waiting and not knowing exactly what was going on. The reason being that everyone were split up in smaller groups. Some watched out for the truck, some watched out for the stuff at the campsite, some stayed with Gloria in the Errachidia Hospital and I stayed with Jussi in a private clinic in Marrakesh. When everyone got together today we finally got some answers:
Gloria had spent the first few days in a unhygienic, chaotic hospital that she tried to get away from. Her doctor had said that it would not be advisable to move at all with her fractured vertebrae. The result was that the insurance company refused to help her at all since she had not informed them that she was traveling in a group and her friend had to send a private plane from Barcelona to pick her up. I hope she will sort everything out with the insurance company when she is fully recovered.
Jussi’s broken hand is healing well. He was told that if the metal pole pops up he should just stick it back again

Jussi was happy when he got to a private clinic in Marrakesh, which was the fourth hospital we visited. He stayed with him the whole time and watched him smile as he got good food, strong painkillers and a surgery for his broken arm which went really well.
The Truck has been fixed and improved. There has been built new boxes for storing water and gas bottles underneath the truck, new and better windows have been fitted in the front of the truck and we have gotten a new door and a cage in front of the drivers compartment for keeping chairs, tables and firewood. The cage has also proven itself great for people to (almost) safely sit in while driving.
Last night we set camp on a beach in the beginning of the Saharan Desert where a storm came in the night and broke our tents. Most of these have now been fixed so that we will be ready for driving and camping our way through the desert.
The cage in the front of the truck is the place to sit for the best view

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