Quito: La Luz De América

When getting into Quito in the morning were determined to just get the sightseeing of the old city over with, both to having explored the neighbourhood where we were living and to see the things that the city was famous for. The highlight of our totally random walking city tour, with no goals or directions at all was to see the Basilica del Voto Nacional, the largest gothic cathedral in Equador. For just a dollar we could get on the top of the bell tower to get a view of the city, or just get a free walk around the church to see the gargoyles inspired by tortoises, iguanas and pumas, all which are animals found in Equador.

On the way back we strolled through the street of La Ronda, which is also known as Calle Morales where we found a great, small Equadorian restaurant serving banana tortillas with chicken and other Equadorian combinations for just a dollar and a half. The neighbourhood was also beautiful with balconies decorated with flags and flowers over stone paved streets where children were playing.

After spending some time in the old city, we took a taxi up to the Teleréfico ticket office, which like all other taxi rides in Quito cost us only 3 dollars. The gondola took us all the way up to the Cruz Loma Viewpoint at 4100 meters, which was enough to get us all dizzy while strolling around the viewpoint. Although the landscape was much more impressing on todays cable car ride, yesterdays ride up the Teleferíco de Monserrate in Bogota gave us a much better view over the city as it was not as far up as the one in Quito. Once the sun set on the top, it got dark and cold pretty quick. When getting back to the city in the evening, the streets were all empty, meaning it was time for us to head back to our hostel and just call it a day as tomorrow there will be more adventures awaiting.




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