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This trip will be something to remember for a lifetime, either if you are joining for a Eurotrip, a West African inland tour or the final Central African Loop.

We have decided our tour costs based on expected expenses including fuel, insurance, carnet, ferries, toll roads and reparation costs of the cars. Deposits are are non refundable, but with a 25% deposit payment you are guaranteed a space on this once of a life time trip. Deposit payments can be done with the below payment buttons or by contacting us to receive an invoice.

Leg 1– (3 weeks Oslo- Berlin)- A Ballsy Baltic Adventure getting to know each other through drinking cheap spirits, shooting guns, and camping in the countryside in the Baltics!

Full price: 400EUR including a 100EUR deposit

Leg 2– (3 weeks Berlin-Malaga)- Big city hopping through Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid before a chance to relax at the beaches in Malaga.

Price 400EUR including a 100EUR deposit

Leg 3– (4 weeks Malaga- Dakar)- Dakar Rally through the Worlds biggest desert Sahara stopping at moroccan cities like Marrakesh, Chefchouen and riding the Worlds Longest Train in Mauritania before ending up in lively Dakar!

Price 800EUR including a 200EUR deposit

Leg 4– (4 weeks Dakar-Accra)- West African madness through Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, experiencing Voodoo culture, incredible landscape and the famous Dogon Country.

Price 800EUR including a 200EUR deposit

Leg 5– (3 weeks Ghana-Ghana) West African voodoo loop through Ghana, Benin and Togo. Enjoying the coast, the nightlife and traditional villages like Ganvie where all the houses are built on stilts on the water.

Price 600EUR including a 150EUR deposit

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