Roam Like Home with an International SIM

We can all admit it- people are addicted to social media and rely on the internet to gather information. This is true, both in daily life at home but also while traveling. Since roaming abroad can be insanely expensive, it is smart to consider purchasing an international SIM which can save you heaps of money if you are a digital nomad like me. Learn from my tests of the following options:

A Norwegian SIM card always expensive to use abroad. Some subscriptions include roam like home in EU, but roaming in Ecuador, as an example, would cost you 1,25$ for 1MB.

Local simcards

Most countries today have 3G or even 4G just like at home, and prices for data are not always that much more expensive. Buying a local SIMcard can usually be done at airports and can cost as little as 10$- sometimes even with some data included! When skipping from country to county it can be bothersome and expensive to buy and register simcards in every country- but when staying longer than a week in a country this is definitely worth it!


Is a free-yes, FREE SIM card that you can order online or sometimes travel agencies and start using. The benefit is that that you can receive calls for free (with a UK number, that you can roam and call cheaper internationally. It claims to work in 188 countries and as an example I found that 1MB in Equador costs 1,44$. The problem is that reception was always bad and that it takes forever to connect an international call as they use a method where the phone would hang up and someone would call you back.


You have to pay 10$ for the SIM or 30$ for a sticker that you could put on your existing SIM for it to Work, but so far it works way better than the WorldSIM. It claims to work in 200+ countries and includes free WhatsApp use in 142 countries. As an example 1MB in Ecuador costs 0,20$.

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Happy surfing!

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