Romania is one of the two countries I have only visited on a family trip (the other one being Tunisia). The year was 1999 and I was there for two weeks, where we travelled with a chartered flight to and from Constanta. 

On our first days we did some sunbathing and swimming on one of the beaches of the Dead Sea, which is one of the busiest beaches I can remember. Local people were walking up and down the beach shouting what they had for sale and beggars would also not leave us alone. After the days in Constanta we took the train up to Brasov where we were picked up by my uncle who took us to his family in law who lived in Odorhei Secuiesc. Here we were served papricas filled with meat, which was one of the most tastiest local dishes I have ever eaten. 

During our two weeks stay in Romania we also got to visit the capital of Romania, Bucarest, and the famous castle of Count Dracula in Transylvania.

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