Sailing the Trinidad Cays

Staying with John in Bequia, I got to meet his friends Paul and Cathy who was running a tour company called Island Time Bequia where they had a sailboat with Capitain Irwin for rent. They had a trip scheduled for the next day and invited me to come along when I told them that I was heading South. A better oportunity I think I have hardly come accross- the place was absolutely stunning!

We had a smooth sail at about four hours going not much more than five knots before we reached the Keyes. We had our lunch sandwiches watching lots of turtles swim by before we got into the water with our snorkeling gear to join them. The water was crystal clear and although this area was full of sailboats, the five islands that make up the Tobago Keys were quite empty with clean beaches and clear water.

John and the rest had planned to spend the night in a small and quiet island called Mayreau whereas I had an arrangement of meeting a Danish friend over at Union Island so they dropped me off at Mayreau to look for boats there. I didnt have to spend more than an hour at Sailine Bay, which had a long, completely empty beach, before a school boat came which said I could get a ride over to Union Island.

Sailine Bay in Mayreau where you can catch rides to the rest of the Grenadines.

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