Salta in the Argentinean Northlands

About two hours after passing San Salvador de Jujuy by bus, we arrived at Salta, our first stop in Argentina. We had absolutely no impression of the city prior to our arrival, and that might have helped us getting the good experience as we had when being there.

Salta was our first big city since La Paz, and it was also the most western city we had visited so far on our travels in South America. Our hotel was located right next to the main shopping street, which was pretty much where we spent most of our time in Salta.

For the evenings we also went to the Balcarce street, where most of the restaurants were Peñas, traditional Argentinean restaurants with folkloric live music. All of the bands playing did quite a bit of talking to the restaurant guests and invited them up for dancing with their dance performers. One of the dances also ended up in the whole restaurant getting up and dancing bologne out on the street. A visit to a Peña is definately something that should not be missed when going to Argentina.

Photo: Harwin Gill


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