Sarteneja- a Less Known Fishing Village

Just half an hour boat trip from Corozal, a bordertown in Northern Belize, we arrived in a small fishing village called Sarteneja.

The place was exactly what we had been looking for; cheap local food, charming cheap bungalows at a place called “Backpackers Paradise” and plenty of space to ourselves- far away from the touristy Gringo Trail.

Our guesthouse rented out bikes and had a map showing that there were maya ruins, caves, cenotes and jungle trails around so se cycled from morning to evening looking for all of that. It was not all too impressing, but the fun part was just cycling past friendly locals, sparkling blue waters on white sandy trails while looking for them.

If you are looking for a quiet escape from tourists and dont need any fancy restaurants or accommodation, Sarteneja is the place to go.

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