Saying Goodbye to India from Calcutta

After having literally two months of only sun, we were destined to have one single day of rain before we left. Magically enough, this came on our last day, when we were about to leave for Thailand. It was not only the weather which had made us ready to leave the country, don’t get us wrong, we have absolutely loved India. Every day of our journey, we have gotten one step closer to adapting to the culture and now we would have to reset ourself for something completely different.

Screen Shot 2012-03-31 at 10.18.40 PM
A map of the whole trip we made in India

Our luggage has also just been stripped of all our sleeping bags and warm clothes, which we have sent home or given to local people. As Calcutta is one of the cities closest to the Bangladesh border, we found there to be more homeless people, probably that had come over from the even poorer country in the East. The sight that met us when arriving at Calcutta train terminal was just a sea of homeless people sleeping on the bare ground.


Even though the price level will be much higher in South- East Asia, we should have no problem finding some cheap summer clothing to buy when we arrive in Thailand. With the brief video attached to the next post, we will try to give you a small insight into the life we have been living the last couple of months. 

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